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Wife. It’s been 5 years now that I have had the honor to call you that. Words are fleeting most times but at this moment it’s the only way I can show you how much the many years together have changed me. I’m a better man, a better father and I think a better husband because the universe allowed us to be together. I know I’m not always the best listener and sometimes I can be very insensitive but you have the grace, patience and tenacity to overlook my defects and embrace me everyday with an “I love you” that makes time slow down, putting everything in perspective. We truly have lived every day of these 5 years. Sickness, health, rich, poor, anger, happiness but with always one constant, love. You have taught me that the only way to define love, is to live it as we have, each and every day. You remind me how beautiful the world really is. How important and connected we all are. And though I fight through each day like a warrior, you always tend to my wounds. Even with my childlike impatience, you nurture me, comfort me. You tell me you can’t believe that we’re married and I know it may seem like I shrug that off, but I can believe it and do. I am so proud to call you my friend, my lover and my wife.

You are my muse
You are my thoughts, breadth and life
My art, my madness, my sorrow, the light and dark
Joy and music, the tune I hear in my head every waking moment
You are what the great poets are trying to tell the world about
You are my butterfly, fluttering her wings, churning the winds of a hurricane

Happy anniversary whore. Now, let’s go get some ice cream


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